10 ingenious things designed exclusively for women

Every year, hundreds of designers release new products designed for women. How to take a shower without ruining your makeup, where to hide your cell phone, if there are no pockets and purses at hand. We found answers to this and other important questions.

1. Stash in a comb

Not only men have a stash. Women can also hide a certain amount of money for certain purposes. Where to store a female stash? You can do it in a comb. In addition, this accessory is useful when traveling or on the beach.

2. Protective visor

A protective visor made of thin plastic allows you to take a shower quickly without compromising makeup. A great thing in case you need to quickly freshen up after work, and then go to another event.

3. Footprints on the grid

Finally, at least someone thought about the girls who have to move in high heels along the gratings of storm showers. Metal tracks will allow any lady to safely and comfortably walk along the bars without fear of failing, breaking her heel or leg.

4. Maternity Pillow

A soft horseshoe-shaped pillow is designed specifically to support the belly of a pregnant woman.

5. Razor handle

A long handle for the razor will make the shaving process much more comfortable for many ladies. Such a device is also useful for pregnant women, which over time become more difficult to bend down.

6. Anti-aging pillow

Beauticians and dermatologists are sure that regular contact of delicate facial skin with a pillow leads to the appearance of deep wrinkles and creases. To reduce this effect will help the purchase of a special pillow with a recess for the face.

7. Nail polish holder

8. Portable washing machine.

Outlandish Japanese invention that will allow busy women to wash clothes literally on the go

9. Magnetic eyelashes

10. Tracker Necklace

Stylish and high-tech necklace equipped with many sensors that capture the main indicators of the activity and life of its owner. In addition, the necklace is equipped with a built-in camera that allows you to capture important moments from everyday life.


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