Monthly archive for May 2020

Flash decision from Trump! Cancelled

The press briefing organized by the US President Donald Trump in the White House regarding the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak was canceled. Trump ‘s, Covid-19 with Terrorism Task Force with members of the White House ‘in his press conferences almost every day to do the weekend in the country today to cancel the agenda was. In the daily program published last night from the White House, the press briefing was foreseen to be held at 17:00 local time. However, White House Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany said on Fox TV, “There will be no press conference today.” said. The White House then updated the program and the briefing was canceled. While McEnany stated

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Is the COVID-19 Pandemic all doom and gloom?

As an optimist I firmly believe there is much to be gained beyond the COVID Pandemic. I have researched numerous articles summarizing what the experts agree are key benefits for the Australian and the world community Besides economic recovery, we have plenty to look forward to! We will be more connected (digitally at least) Thanks to modern technology such as digital applications, Bluetooth and Social media – people are now better equipped to mobilise away from harm’s way albeit virus related or something more sinister. There is now potential to improve connectivity on multiple levels ultimately assisting all facets of modern life. The last few months have exposed flaws within our internet infrastructure and not just in Australia. It was reported that in the 29th of April, we as a nation experienced the biggest 24 hours of downloading ever reported by the NBN and most telco’s gained invaluable data

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