Awesome photos literally made in a dump

Looking at photos in glossy magazines or in profiles of popular bloggers, we often think that their gorgeous pictures were taken somewhere in exotic countries or in fashion studios. However, in reality, this may not be so at all. Here you are some amazing photos that will prove that you don’t need a modern studio to make a cool shot.

1. Plant

Any casual passerby, looking at this spot, will notice that there is nothing attractive. However, professional photographers differ from ordinary people in that they can see beauty in the most ordinary things. Then the photographer’s gaze caught hold of a large-leaved plant, which softened the light and became a juicy background for a portrait shot.

2. Wicker flowers

Any bright wicker flowers on the fence can be a fantastic backdrop for photography. Moreover, it does not matter where these flowers grow, you can cut off all unnecessary things during processing.

3.  Artificial flowers

Want to have new cool photos, but you have no ideas, no opportunities? Bring a couple of friends with you and go to the nearest supermarket. A department with artificial flowers is the perfect backdrop for vivid shots.

4. Metal staircase

On the right, you can see an absolutely unremarkable, overgrown metal staircase with peeling paint, and on the left is a real masterpiece, which was created on this very staircase. This picture proves that an unusual angle, good light, and high-quality processing work is of great importance, location is secondary.

5. Metal rods

Any metal structures that can be found on abandoned construction sites will create the right surroundings for shooting in street style or industrial style. The terrain can be completely inconspicuous and unattractive, the only thing you need is a metal fence or reinforcement sticking out of the ground.

6. Textured wall

Any textured wall can become the background for a stunning picture. Even if it’s a wall of a collapsed building or a country barn. A good angle, light and several filters will bring the picture to perfection.

7. By the house

A cool shot in fashion style, which was made on the track near the house. Another example of how lighting and unique vision is much more significant than location.

8. Shadows

Another shot, which can be safely called “fashion is my profession.” A small utility room with a window, a colander to create shade and a man with a professional camera. As a result – an interesting portrait shot, ready to be published in a glossy magazine.

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