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Democracy is dead in EU. Ursula von der Leyen won “election” against herself

Ursula won an “election” in which she was the only candidate by just 9 votes! By 383 votes European parliament confirmed Ursula von der Leyen for a five-year term as European Commission President. It’s baffling when they call it “election” because Ursula von der Leyen had zero competition. Standing ovation for Ursula who won in an election against herself by only 9 votes! Jeez – standing ovation for #UrsulaVonDerLeyen who won in an election against herself by – wait for it – 9 votes. Craven pic.twitter.com/t1L0cOfoqV — Claire Fox (@Fox_Claire) July 16, 2019 “This is the EU’s idea of democracy,”

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Harley Davidson has got a rival bike

“Panzerbike” made by Harzer Bike-Schmiede. Once, at one of the exhibitions in Germany, a prestigious device appeared – it was the biggest motorcycle in the world, but it was not its dimensions that astonished everybody it was about its individual components. The point is that it has the engine installed from the Soviet tank T-55! The project manager Tilo Neubel called it a kind of attempt to create his own version of “a German motorcycle with a sidecar from the time of the Second World War.” Obviously, in the process, the guys deviated a little from the topic, and in

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