First and the last meeting with Russian Spetznaz (Revelations of American Soldier)

A US Army soldier tells how he was ambushed by Russian special forces My name is Klein. I am a soldier of the SOF (Special Operations Forces) of the US Army. Once in Syria, we got into a real mess. You might think that we were attacked by the Syrian troops – unfortunately, not. That was Russian Spetznaz that came out of nowhere. That day was my second birthday. In Syria, we train rabble a so-called “Liberation Army” or “Free Syrian Army”. As a matter of fact, all these bearded men have nothing to do with Syria. I still wonder

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US cruise missiles in Poland and Romania are aimed at Russia. Will Russia respond?

The United States intends to deploy its Tomahawks in close proximity to Russian borders. Missile defense bases will be deployed in Poland and Romania. Currently, these two countries are considered by the United States as key allies in the East European direction. Military base in Redzikowo  The military base in Redzikowo could be of utmost importance to the US missile defense system. Redzikowo is a small village 150 km from Gdansk, with a population of 1.5 thousand people. Not far from the village is located the old military airport, where one of the Polish aviation regiments was previously based. Later,

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