Dangerous Bright Eye Challenge on TikTok that has become viral thanks to a fake video

Take an airtight plastic bag, fill it with hand sanitizer, bleach and shaving cream, and place it on one eye for at least one minute to change the color of the iris. This is essentially the practical requirement for TikTok users to participate in the “Bright Eye Challenge”, a very dangerous and viral challenge thanks to a totally false video. On TikTok, the most popular social network of the moment and the most downloaded app in the world, there are lots of very funny and harmless challenges and the fact is that sometimes we tend to exaggerate. And the Bright

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New social networks you’ve never heard of

Everyone is accustomed to Facebook and Instagram, but the world of social networks is not limited to them. I’ve collected some unusual social networks, the very existence of which will surprise you. Uyach A social network for horses and their owners was invented in Mongolia. The founders call it a “Facebook for horse breeders” – there you can create a horse profile by publishing its photo, age, pedigree and sporting achievements. GoodReads A social network where everyone shares their read books. You can write reviews, share quotes, add books, rate them and arrange books on thematic shelves. Participating in book

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