iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy S10 +, and unbreakable Nokia 3310 dropped from a helicopter

You can hardly guess which of them survived the drop test. YouTubers from How Ridiculous channel decided to test the strength of three phones: the flagships of Apple and Samsung, as well as the legendary “brick” Nokia 3310. To do this, all three devices were dropped from a helicopter at an altitude of about 300 meters. The result was really unexpected. Drops start at 7:16. At first, Nokia 3310 was dropped from the height of 45, 76, 152 and 228 meters. In all cases, the phone broke into pieces, but still survived – after the third test the screen broke.

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Motorola Razr 2019 foldable screen smartphone specs & price

Motorola presented its first smartphone with a folding screen, long-awaited for two reasons: it is still one of the few with this type of screen and it is the reissue of a much-loved phone in the early 2000s. The look is elegant, but the price is not for everyone. After years of rumors, Motorola has finally launched its first smartphone with a folding screen: it is the expected successor of the legendary Moto Razr, a mobile phone from the early 2000s that with its rich personality had remained in the heart of many. As anticipated a few weeks ago, the

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