Sony unveils its first electric car Vision-S at CES in Las Vegas

Sony had never approached the automotive sector, but at the Consumer Electronic Show, it presented an electric vehicle equipped with numerous Sony systems and technologies. From the sensors used for safety inside and outside the passenger compartment to the entertainment system. It is not yet clear whether the car will be mass-produced or will remain a concept. The electric car is equipped with 33 different internal and external sensors, several widescreen displays, and 360 Reality Audio audio system. BlackBerry, Bosch, Nvidia, Qualcomm and others also participate in this project. The basis for the electric car was created by Magna, a

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Alaina Gassler a 14-year-old girl solved the problem of blind spots in cars

The system was presented during a school competition, it uses a webcam system, a projector and a series of 3D printed components to visualize pillars inside the car. Despite the lane control systems, despite cruise control and all other driver assistance technologies, modern cars still suffer from an ancient problem: blind spots. The field of view is hidden by the pillars that support the roof of the vehicles and it’s still a cause of many accidents, and even the most sophisticated radars onboard are unable to solve the problem completely. The solution could come from Alaina Gassler, a 14-year-old American

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The biggest self-charging truck in the world

A few years ago, when it came to electric cars, it was definitely implied either something luxurious, or, on the contrary, something small-sized for city driving. Electric cars are not yet ready to take over the whole world, but even today there are a variety of cars of this type. For example, most recently, Swiss designers “boasted” of a new large electric dump truck. The Swiss company Kuhn Schweitz presented its first electric truck, which, according to the engineers, does not need neither fuel nor charging. Today, the Swiss novelty is the largest electric truck in the world. The mass

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