First and the last meeting with Russian Spetznaz (Revelations of American Soldier)

A US Army soldier tells how he was ambushed by Russian special forces

My name is Klein.

I am a soldier of the SOF (Special Operations Forces) of the US Army. Once in Syria, we got into a real mess. You might think that we were attacked by the Syrian troops – unfortunately, not. That was Russian Spetznaz that came out of nowhere. That day was my second birthday.

In Syria, we train rabble a so-called “Liberation Army” or “Free Syrian Army”. As a matter of fact, all these bearded men have nothing to do with Syria. I still wonder who did we train to fight?

In short, the main goal of our presence in Syria was, to put it mildly, to help “bad guys” win the war. And America did its best for it.

Well, in general, everything was pretty good. We did our job, and our bearded men did theirs until the Russians came. With their arrival, or rather with the arrival of Russian aviation, things got pretty tough. Russians scorched the ground with missiles so that sometimes even we got hammered a couple of times.

Russian special forces also were causing problems, eliminating field commanders, and setting up ambushes. There were losses among American soldiers too. Our government has made great efforts to hide these losses.

We tried not to participate in direct clashes with government forces. Except when an order was received from higher-ups, only for sabotage or special operations. We were mainly engaged in training. Our base was in the city of Aleppo, and we were there for almost a year. In short, my trip was coming to an end, and I wanted to get back to California asap.

So, according to the reports, government troops were preparing the main attack on Aleppo. We knew that, but nevertheless we ended up with the “fucking” opposition in the damned trap and were cut off from our main forces. So, we had to get out of that hell on our own.

We understood that under no circumstances should US soldiers be captured, otherwise many unnecessary problems would arise. Therefore, we and a group of bearded men decided to break out.

It was a bad day from the beginning. Russian aircraft unexpectedly launched powerful air-strike followed by the attack of the Syrian army. We began to make our way through the familiar territory, through the broken houses and reached an abandoned military base. As far as I remember, until that day the building was empty, and that was the last passage through which we could get out of the entrapment.

But as soon as we approached the building, a wall of fire just fell upon us. At first it seemed to me that they were shooting almost from everywhere, we simply could not raise our heads. I instinctively jumped around the corner of a building, and through the rumble of machine-gun bursts and the bursting of grenade launchers, I heard a scream in Russian:

Americans! Small world!

Our squad dispersed behind stones and small buildings, we did not want to fight with the Russians, and for a moment the battle died down. Probably, the Russians also didn’t want to fight with us. However, the bearded men who survived after the first attack decided to shoot at the building with the Russians, and the battle resumed with renewed vigor.

A shell of a grenade launcher blew up right beside me, and if I had not dived between two stones, I would have been dead. Russian hit us harder and harder. I lay and thought were they waiting for us on purpose? How did they end up there? Intelligence, Spetznaz? Who the hell are they?

Only two people were wounded in our squad, and almost all of the bearded men were killed. As if Russians targeted only them. After a little break, we tried to regroup and get out of the battle, we weren’t particularly interested in meeting Russians.

The Syrians were already advancing from the rear, and we decided to go around the damned base from the left. When we almost walked around the building, I received a greeting from the Russian sniper in the shoulder. I instantly lost consciousness from pain and was blown away like a balloon. My colleagues pulled me out of that damned war.

As they explained to me at the hospital, it was a Russian sniper who just decided to leave me a farewell greeting. We perfectly remembered how he killed the bearded man exactly in the head, so there was no reason to think that he had missed.

I don’t know why I decided to share this story with you until this day I didn’t tell anyone about it. Everything that happens and happened in Syria is inhumane and has nothing to do with democracy. Might makes right. The US doesn’t need that war, there are enough people who can deal with it without us.

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