How to use humidifier for cigars (humidor)?

What is a humidor? This is a professional cigar storage equipment. What is the difference between humidor and a regular box of cigars? The main purpose of the cigar box is a beautiful package that helps to attract the attention of the buyer, and also protects the cigars from external damage during their transportation. The main purpose of the humidor is to preserve the quality of cigars, that is, their consumer properties, taste and aroma, and in some cases, even increase it.

A high-quality humidor, like a real cigar, can only be made subject to certain production technologies and the use of special materials. For example, the most popular material for the production of humidors is plant wood, which has certain physical and chemical properties and the marketing name “Spanish cedar.”

In order to recreate the natural conditions of storage of cigars (for example, as in Cuba), the humidor will need a humidifier and a hygrometer. The humidifier is designed to maintain the required level of humidity, while a hygrometer, to measure it. The optimal indicator of humidity is a value from 65% to 75%. At the same time, violation of these boundaries for a long time can lead to spoilage of cigars. Thus, the product is a humidor and can save cigars if it has the following characteristics:

1) The humidor is made of solid or Spanish cedar veneer
2) A hygrometer and a humidifier are built into the humidor (calculated for the internal volume)
3) A closed humidor ensures tightness and keeps humidity levels between 65% and 75%

So how to use a humidor? It’s very simple!

But, like a car that requires break-in, a ready-made humidor requires some preparation.

1) Take a humidifier. Since it has a self-adhesive layer on the back, it is fairly easy to remove. Place the humidifier in a container of water (distilled or filtered), so that the grill (upper part of the humidifier) ​​is completely recessed, while the lower part, where the mount is installed, should remain outside.
2) Wait 10-15 minutes. During this time, the active part of the humidifier (sponge or special balls) should be completely filled with water.
3) Get rid of excess water by shaking the humidifier several times.
4) Before putting the humidifier back into the humidor, wipe it dry.

The result of such an operation should be a filled humidifier, dry on the outside, not forming water droplets. Otherwise, water can get on the cigars and ruin them.

5) Install the humidifier in the humidor.
6) Wipe the inside of the humidor with a damp cloth
7) Remove the hygrometer
8) Close the humidor with the humidifier installed inside, for 24 hours. During this time, the wood should absorb moisture, and the internal space of the humidor will acquire the necessary conditions for storing cigars.
9) Calibrate the hygrometer. (On the Internet, in the public domain, there are a large number of ways to calibrate the hygrometer. Unfortunately, we are not able to present everything on the pages of our portal, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself and choose the most convenient way)
10) Install the adjusted hygrometer in the humidor.
11) Check the humidity level. If there are deviations, add water to the humidifier or dry the humidor slightly by opening the door for a while.
Congratulations, the humidor is ready to go!

Depending on the frequency of use, from time to time, you should check the humidity level in the humidor, as well as the cigars themselves by touch. In case of deviations, adjust the humidity.



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