Hydro fitness for dogs in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, dogs are engaged in hydro fitness. They pump muscles on a special water simulator. However, the aquatic environment helps not only to pump up the muscles. Such training is prescribed to animals by veterinarians.

“Many people choose this track for their dogs because water dampens the load on the joints, it’s much easier for many animals to tolerate walking, training, rehabilitation, and preparation for operations, rehabilitation after surgery”.

Julia Zaitseva, trainer

Julia Zaitseva is a fitness trainer. Her dog Bamboo visits the gym several times a week. Now preparing for competitions in Europe. The training lasts about 40 minutes. Bamboo can walk at a speed of 12 km/h underwater.

The program is compiled individually. It all depends on the condition of the pet and on the purpose of the lesson. Some dogs are undergoing treatment, others preparing for exhibitions or competitions. The trainer can adjust the speed of the track, its height, as well as countercurrent. The most important thing is to monitor the condition of the pet before, during and after training.

“Training is very effective… water acts as an elastic band. Here you can set different operating modes: countercurrent, uphill, downhill, different speeds, different water levels. Also, water favorably affects dogs, in the same way as people”.

Tatyana Detling, owner of the effective training studio “Dog energy”

After each lesson, the track is treated with a special solution so that a new “athlete” can enter the simulator. Owners of pets choose such a gym because it is much more comfortable for them. They can meanwhile drink coffee and relax, and pets in warmth and comfort pump their muscles. Moreover, it is much safer: a professional trainer fully monitors the process.

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