New social networks you’ve never heard of

Everyone is accustomed to Facebook and Instagram, but the world of social networks is not limited to them. I’ve collected some unusual social networks, the very existence of which will surprise you.


A social network for horses and their owners was invented in Mongolia. The founders call it a “Facebook for horse breeders” – there you can create a horse profile by publishing its photo, age, pedigree and sporting achievements.


A social network where everyone shares their read books. You can write reviews, share quotes, add books, rate them and arrange books on thematic shelves. Participating in book challenges will help you go beyond just one book per year. Of course, this social network also has its own friend-list where you can find out what your friends are reading.


A social network for beer lovers. Here you can find information about a wide variety of beers, including the rarest ones. Information is added by the users themselves, evaluating the beer.


The project was invented by several students in 2010. Diaspora is a decentralized network: it does not have a central server and its own Zuckerberg. The source code for Diaspora is open to anyone who wants to improve it.

By registering with Diaspora, users can use any name, even if it is an incoherent letter combination. You do not need to indicate the phone, no one will force you to verify your account in all possible ways.


This is the site where pet owners communicate. The idea to create a social network for animal lovers came to the founders while walking with a dog. Every day they met other “dog lovers”, talked with them and found common topics.

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