Shirtless on horseback Putin’s most revealing photos

Vladimir Putin frequently aroused sincere admiration throughout the world – the president is known not only for his balanced foreign policy but also for his love of outdoor activities. Photo reports from the trips of Vladimir Putin are very popular in the media landscape.

Photos of Putin on horseback were repeatedly posted by the media.

Photos of Putin with a naked torso have been a subject of particular interest. Netizens enthusiastically posted photos of Putin and exchanged delighted comments.


This picture even served as a source of inspiration for Photoshop artists who put Putin on a bear. No one ever doubted that Putin could easily cope with such an unusual pacer.

Putin is not only a wonderful rider, but also a lucky fisherman

The hearts of many fishing enthusiasts trembled with envy when the president boasted of his taiga catch.

Putin prefers traveling through Russia rather than traveling to hot tropical countries. He recently admitted that the most beautiful place in the world for him is Kamchatka.

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