Top 5 Best Countries for Fishing

Fishing is not just a pleasant pastime away from the daily rush. This is a sport, this is excitement. Do you want to experience new sensations? Go fishing in uncharted places!


Neat landscapes and clean rivers. A lot of attention is paid to nature care. If you want to get an aesthetic pleasure and boast to your friends an excellent catch, you got to go here. The most beautiful reservoirs of the country startle with a variety of fauna. Lakes, rivers, and bays are almost full of well-known and little-known fish species. In Finland, you can fish in almost all ways. A nice bonus is that in winter fishing with spoon bait and fishing rod is free. Spinning owners will have to pay a license fee.


Russia is so huge that, even traveling all your life, it is not a fact that you will explore all its amazing water ponds and reservoirs. Due to the variety of climatic zones in local rivers and lakes, almost all representatives of freshwater fauna live; at certain times of the year, marine species also come in here. Fishing is free of charge anywhere in Russia except for some small private ponds.


If you are a fishing fan, you’ve most probably heard about the Swedish lakes Venern and Vettern. This is where salmon sport fishing competitions are held. Are you far from a pro? No problem! You will be added to the list of participants and allowed to prove yourself. In Sweden, fishing from the shore and from a boat is considered to be traditional. In contrast to Russia, you’ll have to pay a considerable fee to fish here.


Have you already mastered all the traditional ways of fishing? Then you can try an exotic fishing trip to Thailand. Arapaima, catfish, yellow tuna, shark, sailboat, giant catfish and carps – all this can become your prey. Coming here, you can go to the waters of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean to get the maximum travel experience.


Answering the question of where to go fishing, many will say to go to Sweden and Finland. Portugal is undeservedly disregarded. A fishing license here is cheaper, and you can get even more impressions. Catch fish from a boat, climb steep shores. And Portuguese chefs – real masters in the preparation of local fish – will gladly delight you with delicious dishes.

Choose your favorite direction and go on a journey to get new emotions and trophies!

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