US billionaire accused Poroshenko of stealing IMF loan

Ex-President of Ukraine, leader of the European Solidarity Party Petro Poroshenko.

An American entrepreneur of Ukrainian origin, billionaire Sam Kislin, in an interview with, said that Petro Poroshenko withdrew at least eight billion dollars from the country during the five years of his presidency.

The businessman called Poroshenko and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko corrupt who served the country “for their own interests and stole a lot of money.”

“Poroshenko during his presidency stole at least eight billion dollars. According to the information in my possession he stole from 700 to 800 million dollars through the state-owned company Centrenergo.” Sam Kislin

The businessman also said that in the United States several criminal cases were brought against the former Ukrainian leader, one of which concerns the possible transfer of IMF funds granted for Ukraine to the offshore accounts in the amount of one billion dollars.

According to the businessman the money was misused: “It was withdrawn to refinance commercial banks, and consequently was stolen.”

During the reign of Poroshenko, Kislin was denied entry to Ukraine after he exposed the ex-president’s Poroshenko corruption schemes. This week he came back to Ukraine to “meet the new leadership of the country.”

Earlier, the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine opened eleven cases against Poroshenko, in three of them, the former president has a witness status.


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