Why does soccer field have stripes?

I’m not addicted to football. I mean, I played as a child, but I did not become an ardent fan. I only watch matches of the international cups. So, seeing on TV such a striped football field, as in the photo above I always thought that it was painted. Whether the artificial coating was painted, or the grass was painted. What for? I didn’t ask a question. It may just be for beauty or it is more convenient to watch the ball against such a background.

Now let’s find it out.

On the one hand, they say that they do it for beauty, but there is also a practical application of all this.

First of all, it is not painted.

Modern football lawn has a complex structure, consisting of a pie of several layers. First, technical pipes are laid for heating the lawn and supplying the soil with oxygen. A drainage system is also installed here, which traps and redirects excess moisture. The next layer is a pillow of crushed stone and sand, which is an even coating. It is on it that the grass lawn is already placed.

Of course, the lawn is not grown right in the stadium. At the stadium, sod with grass grown in advance is simply laid down.

So why does the lawn get striped?

According to technological requirements, the grass in the stadium should not exceed 3.5 centimeters, and it grows rapidly. Therefore, has to be cut often.

The lawnmower cuts the grass moving parallel to the gate in stripes, and moves in opposite directions on adjacent lanes. When the lawnmower rides along the surface, it not only cuts the grass above a certain level but also smooths it along with its movement. Thus, on adjacent bands of grass, the grass blades look in the opposite direction.

Thus if you observe the football field at an angle, then the light falling on the grass of one lane will shine on the grass itself, and on the next – on its ends. In the first case, the person will see a light coating, in the second, the tips will cast a shadow, because of which the strip will appear dark. That’s why we see the field striped. Interesting isn’t it?

And here is a useful application of this method of mowing the lawns: this helps referees during the match to more accurately determine the place of the foul or the offside.

Although sometimes a soccer field is not cut in stripes, but in circles, but this method is practically not used because of the complexity.



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